Monday, May 19, 2008

Geotag wikipedia content to create a virtual tour guide

This past weekend I was on vacation in MN and I went past a couple of obscure buildings that were really old. I was interested in their previous uses along with their history. Here is a business opportunity for someone, anyone can have it, all I ask is that I get to be an advisor :)

Create a website that feeds off of wikipedia and google maps so that someone can enter an address, or zoom in on a map to see building and then click on them to learn more. This would be very easy as you would be able to query the content at wikipedia to find the building and then sync it up to the record that can be found at google. Allow the community to verify the content, via pics and voting, as addresses can vary along with construction etc.

This would lend itself to being a great tour guide for anywhere as you could hook it up to your iphone(or other smart device that has geo positioning on it) and it would automatically pop up with information about building within a certian mile radius near you. If you tag the entries appropriately then a user can narrow their choices of building/monuments that they want to learn more about.

The reason I'm posting this on my blog is that it is probably already out there, and if it isn't I'd like someone to take the idea and run with it. I honestly don't have time to even start looking into it, let alone start developing it. As stated above, all I ask is to be on the advisor board if someone decides to move ahead with this, if this already exists please comment and let me know.

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