Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MindTouch Deki

Well we launch our product. The first commercial wiki virtual appliance. It is pretty cool. You can download it for free at Now that we have launched Deki I can focus more on wedding planning. It is coming up in 5 months...I can't believe it. It will be a lot of fun. Things are still cool with me. I've been able to exercise lately, which helps. I've also been able to do more work on some of the side web projects that I help on. I'll be posting more info about that soon. I'll have more updated posts on here...keep reading.

Monday, January 22, 2007 is open for business

Well I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to blog lately. Once the holidays hit I was on vacation for a week in Montana and then I headed out to San Diego where I am now preparing for our launch of a new product. It occurs tomorrow but I'll give you a hint. It is something you can download and it is related to wikis. Check out tomorrow for a new website and new product. Also is open for business. It is the former but now under MindTouch control where as the former was controlled by John Gotts. Just an FYI for any users: Sites are still migrating over, so if you don't see your site right away don't worry, we still have all of your content safe and will be up soon. Anyhoo that is enough about my work update. Life has been pretty good. Skiing in Montana was awesome. I was out at Big Sky and tried some new skis which improved my skiing ability exponentially. I am preparing for my wedding coming up in June and am getting excited. It is coming up pretty fast. Also I've been helping my brother with his business that will be taking a big step soon...but I'll elaborate on that when it is ready to be announced. I'll try to make more postings in the weeks to come...I may try to migrate my blog to a new domain...not sure...but I'll keep everyone updated.

Well I hope all is well.

Even though I haven't updated my blog lately I have still been living and will continue to live. So keep living through me...if you have a need for events that involve me, catch up on some of my old posts.

Take it easy.