Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cubs Vs. Twins

Went to the Cubs Twins game on June 25th. I am a huge Cubs fan but unfortunately the cubs lost by some large number that I decided to lose count of. But this was my first MLB game ever and it was pretty cool. We had great seats and it was neat to see. I will be probably taking a break for a couple of days as I am really busy getting ready for OSCON 2006. Other than that keep your eyes up for upcoming pics.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last Day in Seattle

The event was very productive. We had a chance to hang out last night and shoot some pool. It was a good time and we got to meet some more locals. Today we finished up the event and then went out and saw a couple more spots in Seattle. This picture is of the first Starbucks ever.

We then went and saw the space needle while in the car. It was something I had to see just to say that I saw it.

On the drive back to the hotel we drove across the floating bridge that goes over lake washington. When you look to the right you can see Mt. Ranier. It is kind of hard to see in the pic but look in the background for the white cap. Other than that Seattle is a beautiful place and I hope to get back here a lot.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fattening up in Redmond

SO we went out to Redmond to see where Tom lived and ate at a place called Fat Burger. I had to get their standard meal which is of course the "Fat Meal". I laughed a lot about the name...the burgers are good and you can add a lot of things to them like eggs. I'll be adding more this week.

Seattle...Smells like Fish

I arrived in Seattle today and it is an awesome place. We went down to the market down by the bay and saw a stand that the employees were throwing the fish around and yelling out every order. I saw a documentary on it. It is pretty cool to see a bunch of fish in ice.

We did all of this after we setup at the convention center. They we met up with Tom K and had some lunch by the bay. It is amazing the amount of trees there are. Anyways, I'll be posting more pics and info on this throughout the week so check it out.
Here is a pic of the bay.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Toronto Was Great!!

Good to be back. Toronto was great. We started off exploring the local area and talking with some of the natives. We went to a bar and had some great canadian beer.

Then we went downtown and saw the amazing CN tower. This is the world's highest point. We were going to check it out but is cost $20/person to go up an elevator. Not worth it. The CN is the sky needle looking structure in the picture below.

We saw Honest Eds where they had a great slogan on the outside of the building that said, "Don't just stand there, Buy Something". It is a big discount store that has been in Toronto for a long time.

Then we went and saw Niagara Falls. This was very beautiful but very commercialized. I wore an Italy soccer shirt when I went there and everyone that saw me asked me about the game that day and was I excited. I found out they were playing USA. I watched the game and enjoyed being neutral especially since the game ended up tied. It was a good time but it is good to be back.

Niagara Falls Pics

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Toronto Here I Come, Eh?

I am heading on vacation to Toronto. I have never been there so am excited to see what the city is like. Keep checking my blog to see pics of the great white north.

Take off hoser!

Hot Time Summer in the City

About two or three weekends ago I went to Chino Latino in minneapolis. When we sat down I looked at the menu and couldn't stop laughing becuase it was a perception drawing. You could turn it upside down and see one thing and a different thing right side up. We were out for a friend's birthday party. Check out the sweet photo I took of the menu.

Monday, June 12, 2006


This blog is dedicated to anybody trapped at home that wishes they could get out and see the world. I will be putting my exploits(if you will) on here along with pictures to give you a chance to relive your youth and live vicariously through me. I am in my lower twenties and work for MindTouch( in Saint Paul, MN. I will be playing catchup for the next couple of days to record some of the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy.