Sunday, May 18, 2008

Awesome trip to Minnesota

Just got back from a great trip back to MN. We went there for my sister in law's graduation from the University of Minnesota. I had a chance to get together with friends on Friday night and had an awesome turnout. It was good to see family and friends again. As always the time flew and now I'm back in San Diego. I came back to 82 degrees which is crazy.

On a side note, the keynote speaker at my sister in law's graduation was Ray Suarez. He gave a great keynote with emphasis on how even though the world is in a bad situation right now and it isn't the best time to graduate as job availability is at a low and the economy is overall in shambles, it is good for the graduates because they can take the determination and enthusiasm that comes with finishing college and apply it in the real world to change the economic situation that we are in. I've been at my share of graduations and I'd say this one the best keynote I've had the pleasure to hear.

I'm looking forward to getting back to work and playing catchup. May is almost over and June is rapidly approaching. My wife will be starting school soon and so we are gearing up for that.

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