Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pics of San Diego

I decided to get a Flickr account so that I could have more pictures for you to see. It is kind of a pain in the but loading all of the pictures on to my blog. So...check out my Flickr profile at

We have been having a lot of fun and enjoying the beautiful weather out here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey...I'm on ZDNET!!!!!

Check it out world!!!! I'm on zdnet with Bono!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

On My Way to DEMO Fall 2006

Well I am in San Diego now for Demo Fall 2006 with MindTouch. We just launched our new website that has a cool new look to it and ability to buy online. The flight here was ok...I was figity as always. They had grilled cheese sandwhiches on the plane...they were good. I took a couple of pictures out of the window on the plan as I had a good view. Other than that I will have a lot more pictures up here this week. Check out my blog for more information about what MindTouch is releasing along with more escapades of Corey.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Under the Weather

I have a great story to tell you. Friday night I am feeling sick and decide that I am going to go to the snyders 3 blocks away and grab some nyquil. Now it was 10pm and I really didn't feel like walking so I was really lazy and took my car. I get to snyders, buy my cold stuff, and leave. I get into my car and it won't start. I couldn't believe it. There is a short somewhere in my electrical system that made it impossible to start even with jumping (tried to jump it for a half an hour). SO I talked with the people at snyders and they said it would be ok if I left it ther overnight. Maybe my luck would change the next day...Day two: Try to jump start it again and it still will not start. So I paid $70 to have it towed 3 blocks!!!! To top it off I amm leaving today for San Diego. As you can imagine I was a little angry. Anyhoo...I will be out in SD, CA for the next week and will be posting cool stuff on my blog including pictures. Check it out. Catch ya on the flipside.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wild Win!!!

I went to the wild game game last night. It was a great way to wind down from the day and to enjoy some Hockey. Wild beat the St. Louis Blues 5-2. It is still pre-season but a lot of fun. On a side note I will be teaching computer classes for the St. Paul Community ed. If anyone is interested please check it out and join me for a fun night of laughter and learning. That is all from me right pics of the game unfortunately. Keep your eyes out next week as I will be in San Diego and will have some sweet pictures.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Let the Contest begin!!!!

I have setup my wiki to be easier to find. now is my wiki. On the wiki is where the contest starts. Whoever has the best story will receive an autographed picture of me!!! This is pretty exciting and fun. Good luck to everyone out there. I look forward to see how I have affected your lives. The deadline is October 5th. I am very busy right now so may not have a lot of posts before the deadline but I will be going to San Diego soon so I'm sure that will raise some good posts. This is me when I was you can see I was quite a handfull.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Friday Night...It was Alright!!

After finishing up a busy week at work it was time to let loose and to start off the weekend right. I hung out with my friend and we watch a movie and then went and got some drinks and hung out some more. It was good fun. I have a couple of pics for this post that show me having a good time at night. I will try to do another post before the weekend is over. Right now I am watching the Notre Dame vs. Penn state football game. Go IRISH!!!

As you can camera has a really bright flash on it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chillin at Longfellows

Went to Longfellows bar and grill tonight. It was a good time and had some great food. Haven't been there before so it was a good expereince. I can't believe that this week is almost over. Labor day really through me off track and made it hard to get back in the swing again. Other than that I am planning on having a sweet weekend and will have cool pics and posts for you to follow. Also keep your eyes peeled for a contest that I am going to put on my Blog for the person who is living vicariously through me the Most. I will have all of the details soon.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sweet Labor Day Weekend

I went to my sister's house this weekend and had a great time. We went to an awesome japanese restaurant. They made the dinner right at your table. We also went and played mini golf, skeeball, and hit some balls in the batting cages. I had a great time relaxing and taking a break from everything. I'm sorry that I do not have any pictures, my cell phone ran out of juice and had to hold back on my usual photo post. Also I realize that I stink at describing events without pitures. I'll try to get some more cool pictures so that you do not have to read as much...reading isn't fun ;)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wacking Moles, Big Cocks, and Food Everywhere!

That's right I went to the big Minnesota get together. It was a good time and I ate enough food to feed a thrid world country. Here is a pic of a turkey leg the size of my head.

It was a beautiful day out and I got to hangout with Kirsten, Ron, and Kirsten's Family. I also got to go into the Pultry building and saw a very big Cock.

The food and the Chickens were sweet but the best part was when I won to games of Whack a Mole. I have an action shot of me winning and another pic of me with my prize, a whack a mole stuffed animal. I have never been so happy in my life!!As always it was a great day to be Corey!!!