Friday, August 10, 2007

Using wikis for BI(Business Intelligence)

When I was at Linux World I sat in on a good session about BI(Business Intelligence) that talked about different open source software like Pentaho, Jaspersoft, and Actuate. During the session I thought about the work that goes behind BI and how intricate the programs are for aggregating content from within the organization. I looked at our company and other companies that I consult for in regards to the information that they would be pulling from and came to the conclusion that using a wiki is the best way to aggregate information from within the business when the complexity of the data isn't as extreme as larger corporations. With Deki Wiki's new backend web extension integration, doing this is simple. It takes the complexity out of BI and puts it in the hands of everyday users. Wikis have been used for replacing complex business infrastructure systems like intranets, so it isn't a big surprise that it is simplifying another aspect of the business world.

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