Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back through popular demand

Well I tried to slip away quietly but it can't be done...I've had mobs of fan mail coming in saying you want more of Corey. I mulled it over for a couple of days and decided to oblige you. This time I will actually keep up with my blog and add content more often, maybe even everyday(shock). I'll give you a brief recap of the past two months. I'm still working for MindTouch and recently moved out to San Diego to work at our headquarters. San Diego rocks and we even created a wiki about it. I am getting prepared for my wedding coming up in June. Things have been crazy...we did our own initiations and let's just say I have a writers cramp...j/k...but seriously we put a lot of time into it. Currently I am in San Francisco for the 1st Annual Web 2.0 conference. It has been one of the best conferences I've been too in regards to attendees and content. People are really in tune with the industry and there are some awesome concepts here. Other than that I've been working on different projects like my brother's site and have helped out a couple other people with some setup. I will start blogging more and taking pictures so that you can see cool stuff when you come to my blog. If I start to slack off please submit a comment and make me get back in the swing. Thanks again for your devotion. Don't stop reading and I won't stop living.

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