Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I was found!!

Today marks an awesome day. I was mentioned in another person's blog.

Brian Brady, Thank You. It is good to know that people are reading my blog and using any bit of info to enhance their blogs. Brian, I look forward to being out in San is an awesome city.

Things are still chugging along in my life. I will be moving at the end of February and have been gearing up to get things packed, sold, and moved. It is really cold in MN right now so I am counting down the days to when circulation gets put back in my legs. I have been really busy working with my brother at TAG Art company in regards to setting up his website and new website design. If anyone out there wants a nice website designed and a fair price e-mail my brother at (I know it is a funny e-mail) and he'll give you a good deal. Or you can check out his website at I still have some things I need to update on the store page and a couple more things with the examples of artwork...but it is coming together.
I'll try to post about once a week if I get a will be pretty busy in the months to come. Keep reading.

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