Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How it is going.

Things are going well out in San Jose. The weather has been very nice and I have been lucky that I get a break from the MN weather. The picture to the left was taken looking out from my hotel. It is a nice hotel that they renovated called the Hotel Montgomery. I was told that a couple of years ago they actually moved the hotel 500 feet. They had large trucks and actually picked it up and moved I believe to not interfere with a development. Pretty intense.

To the right is the MindTouch booth at KM World. It isn't the best pic but it is a slick booth and we have some pretty sweet signs. Other than that I really haven't had a chance to explore any of the rest of San Jose. I plan on trying to check out SF before I leave and getting a couple of cool pics there. San Jose all together isn't that crazy cool. It is neat to see all of the technology heavyweights though. Until next time...take it easy and don't stop living...through me!

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