Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pics from my B-Day

SO I had a great time at my birthday party. We went to Chico Chica in downtown and then went to a pub by where I lived and sang some karaoke. Here is the playlist that I sang:

  1. Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
  2. Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane - Duet with a co-worker(view in pic)
  3. 311-Down - duet (same co-worker)

I will have some more pics on here as I am in San Jose on Work. I may try to integrate a Flickr slideshow on the side of the blog or I may just redirect you. I'll have to see how much time I get. In the meantime enjoy this family guy snipit...Compliment Sandwich.

Enjoy this will keep you busy until I get more fun posted.

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