Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi we're in Fargo!

Well I went to Fargo for the weekend and attended the 11th annual Fargo Blues Fest. It was a good time with a lot of Beer flowing. I had a chance to see My future brother in law's house and listen to some good blues. This is the stage at the Blues Fest...ignore the greased up guy in the bottom of the pic.

I also got a chance to stop by the local liquor store which was named the Bottle Barn. Interesting place...shaped like a barn....full of alcohol...yeah.

Other than that things have been crazy on my end. I am working on getting some videos and actual soundbits on my wiki so that you can see what it is like.

I have some really Big news too...this is the first place that it is going to be posted anywhere so feel priviledged that you are apart of the elite. My fiance and I have set a date for our wedding. It is going to be June 23rd, 2007. SO everyone mark your calendars and keep your eye on the Blog for cool pics and entries leading up to the day of the wedding.

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