Monday, July 24, 2006

Start of the MindTouch setup at OSCON and Special News Release

Here is the start to our booth at OSCON. It is coming along quite well. I will have more pics up tomorrow of the final booth layout. We were busy getting the booth ready. ALso we are coming out with one of our releases which is:

On Wednesday at OSCON (booth 911), MindTouch is releasing DekiWiki – a MediaWiki fork which delivers a highly extensible, scalable and interoperable wiki. MindTouch DekiWiki is being released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), with libraries under LGPL. Built on MindTouch’s Dream framework, it is a service oriented architecture (SOA) that allows distribution of both data and _behavior_ across any device and platform, employs AJAX extensively to enrich the user experience, stores in XML, with Apache’s Lucene for search indexing. DekiWiki affords flexibility in the creation of highly distributed composite applications as well as providing an unmatched off-the-shelf collaborative space for business and organizations of all sizes. Stay tuned to for more details...

Look at the app, dig into the code, and see for yourself why this is going to cause fireworks.

After getting the booth setup we ventured out to get a couple of items that we needed to pickup for the booth. I got an awesome picture of the train station by where we are staying. Other than that keep watching my site for more updates to come.

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