Monday, July 24, 2006

Portland is an Interesting Start

Well we arrived in Portland, OR for OSCON 2006. I am out here with work as we will have a booth at the convention. The city is beautiful and I can't wait to explore it more. The above pics were taken from our hotel room across from the convention center. It is a nice hotel. We also got two apartments through a corporate housing company. They are nice apartments once we got in them. They gave us the code to get into the building but didn't give us a way to get up to the actual room. We ended up sleeping in the lobby until I ran into a resident that allowed me to access our room via the elevator. The rooms are really nice and I am looking forward to getting some sleep. Even being on minnesota time I still went to bed at around 5:00am after we checked out the places we were staying and connected up with everyone that was coming. I will be updating all week so check back for more pics of portland and of the conference. I'm sure to have some good photo ops.

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