Monday, May 12, 2008

Eventful weekend

This past weekend was an awesome weekend full of a lot of catchup and events:

Friday night I stayed in and got prepared for Saturday. Saturday I slept in till 10, which was kickin, and then woke up slowly, played some video games and had a bowl of cereal. Then I went and worked out(awesome workout) and fixed a couple of chips in my windshield with one of those chip repair kits. The kit seemed to work ok, I guess I'm not as worried about chips in San Diego like I was in Saint Paul as in Saint Paul the water can get into the chip and freeze and expand it faster.

After that I went to a Padres game with a friend and saw Madux win his 350th game along with seeing Trevor Hoffman close...Frickin Awesome! After that went out and saw the Disco Pimps(sweet cover band playing at the Stage bar in the Gas Lamp. Following that I went to the Royk Club(aka a buddy's place) and hung out with a couple more beers.

Sunday rolled around to another great night of sleep. Went to church, came back and had an amazing eggs, sausage, and toast breakfast...BTW I bought a toaster oven on Saturday along with a sweet ottoman that matches my couch. After breakfast I spent the rest of the day playing catchup on some websites including a signup page for my brother who is going to be conducting community classes for art and crafts. it is called SmART camp and you can sign up for it now if you are in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

After that I went and got groceries at Ralphs up in Hillcrest...first time to this one...they have bulk candy, I was getting fat off of it last night.

Then after that had a hard time getting to sleep but otherwise a flipping great weekend. Stoked about heading back to MN on Thursday to hang out with friends and see my sister in law graduate.

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