Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web 2.0: What it stands for or what it is called?

A lot of people have been blogging lately about the Web 2.0 and how the end is coming. I too have speculated on the same thing. The one thing that frustrates me the most is that people care more about what to call it as opposed to what it is/does. The Web 2.0 phenom sparked an explosion of tech businesses that were supposed to help businesses, big and small. The reason why there is a lot of uncertainty in regards to if it is going to end soon is that a lot of businesses have values themselves on the basis of a social business model, where in money is tied to people connecting on a personal level with friends and business acquaintances. There is money to be made in this arena too, but to lump all of these businesses together under one category is over kill.

I watch the site Killer Startups and see a slew of start ups posted daily, and some are utterly worthless but still categorize their business under the web 2.0 umbrella. The umbrella won't break or fold out, but eventually the businesses that truly are Web 2.0 will get bigger and push all of the faux businesses into the rain where they will drown.

Sorry for the depressing writing style on this post, but it frustrates me that people spend sooo much time worrying about naming as opposed to focusing on the technology that sparked the name.

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