Monday, April 07, 2008

New technology that I'm using

New websites and new applications come up everyday. I'd say in a given day I evaluate close to 20 new software programs/websites. Through all of this evaluation there have been some staple programs/sites that I use on a daily basis. Here they are:

  • iGoogle - It is a great starting page for aggregating email, scores, and other info, plus I heard it has a decent search engine for the web ;)
  • Blogger - You wouldn't be able to live vicariously through me without it
  • Skype - In my opinion, one of the better chat software out there...I just wish they could make a web based version of it
  • Thunderbird - Open Source email client...a lot better than Outlook
  • FireFox - Beta and stable...that's right...I'm rocking them both
  • Vmware - Enables virtualization of operating environments on your desktop...really cool
  • Putty - easy to use SSH client
  • Clipboard Fusion - An awesome clipboard scrubber to get rid of the html formatting...helps when moving data between applications
  • Texter - Awesome autofill utility that uses keywords and keys to fill content on the page...I use this about 100 times a day...saves a lot of repetitive typing.

I hope some of these apps will help you with your daily work...they definitely help me.

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