Sunday, April 20, 2008

Acqua Vista Needs to Get rid of Valet

I'm always watching the market in San Diego for pricing on condos. I currently live in Little Italy and love it there. One condo complex that I've always looked at is Acqua Vista. They have decent amenities, fair layout of condos, and are very reasonably priced. There is one reason why I will never consider buying there, Valet Parking. Not only does this inflate the HOA fees but I don't like someone else in my car, period. Recently I went to the Acqua Vista HOA site and saw a notice that sealed the deal for me:

Every owner who purchased a unit within this community did so
with the understanding that a valet system was in place, and that you had to
utilize it while it was active in the community. Therefore if you attempt to
Self Park your vehicle you will be in violation of 16.5 of the Rules and
Regulation which states the following:
Valet parking is not an option, you may not Self Park.The Board has asked
Valet Management to strictly enforce this rule and report all violators."

To think that if I want to park my own car because I don't want some kid getting in it and messing with my stuff is in violation of their HOA rules, makes me never want to live there until they get rid of it. I've talked with many other real estate aficionados in San Diego and they agree with this.

Acqua Vista, if you want your community to increase in valuation and residence, Get Rid Of Valet!

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