Monday, March 24, 2008

Gmail restricts number of POP3 accounts to 5

I am a big fan of Gmail as it is easy to use and makes it easy to setup multiple accounts to manage. I thought Gmail was going to be able to scale with me, but I was wrong. It looks like Gmail limits the number of POP3 accounts to 5. Like most adventurous email junkies, I have a lot of emails as I work on a lot of projects. I want to be able to manage them all withint Gmail. I understand that each account adds Bandwidth to Google's bill and increases the amount of burden on their servers, but a simple not on the Control Panel screen saying that the limit is 5 would be have to click on the Learn More link to see: "Gmail's Mail Fetcher can download messages from up to five other email accounts, centralizing all your email in Gmail."

This makes me start to look at other solutions to integrate with that will be able to Grow with me. Probably a Desktop solution like least it has folders (one of my biggest pet peeves about Gmail). I understand you can run a Grease Monkey Script to hack it but I jump around through a lot of browsers and a portable Thunderbird app can sit on my ThumbDrive comfortably.

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