Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grocery shopping helping me get fatter by ordering online

In lieu of ZipCar, I've been looking for alternatives to grocery shopping. The other day I found it! Vons, the local grocery shopping chain, allows you to purchase groceries online and they deliver it to you. Now I'm not one to be lazy...wait...I'm totally one to be lazy :) This it the best thing since the remote control. The delivery fee if only $10 if you want it delivered in 2 hours or $8 if you want it delivered in 4 hours. Also they have online specials for free delivery. It was so easy. So now I'm trying to find other ways to be very lazy...maybe I'll cut back on my 2 block walk to work and work from home...only time will tell.

Order from Vons online today and be lazy like me!

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Bobbi said...

There is nothing like the totally under utilized resource of 'grocery delivery'. I simply can not fathom when this superior way of aquiring food staples disappeared out of vouge. We may have the Piggly Wiggly of the early 1920's to thank for that: prior to then most folks called in their order for a home delivery. Like birth, this has fallen by the wayside in our perpetual desire for control, guised under, among other tags, 'convenience'. I for one find nothing convenient about doing my own shopping. As innkeeping owner of a bed & breakfast inn, I'll stick to hospitality savant and let the experts at the mart take care of what ther're good at. They know where everything is, how else could they possibly get your groceries delivered in two hours at any price!? When do any of us spend less time than that for a for a 1/2 cart?! My Hyvee even finds me the best values and I think they honor coupons! They deliver with a smile and I trust them. Now That's control.