Tuesday, January 01, 2008

For All Netscape Users...

For all Netscape users out there that recently received the bad news about Netscape no longer continuing development, I'm composing steps to take to replace Netscape with FireFox and an email client.

  1. Download FireFox

  2. Once FireFox is installed go to File -> Import -> select 'Netscape' from the list of browsers - this will import your bookmarks along with any other settings into FireFox
  3. (Optional) Download Netscape Theme - For users that are used to the Netscape theme and want to continue using it
Now that your browser is installed you'll want to install an email application to read your email that originally was setup in Netscape. I recommend using Thunderbird as it is an easy to use and Open Source Application and is made by Mozilla, the same company that makes FireFox.

  1. Download ThunderBird
  2. Once downloaded Setup an IMAP account by Selecting File-> New -> Account
  3. You'll need to enter the incoming and outgoing servers...typically something like smtp.netscape.com, but can vary depending on ISP(Internet Service Provider)
**Note: If you want to download your email onto your computer setup a POP3 account instead otherwise with an IMAP it will stay on the original email servers and on your computer. IMAP is recommended because if your computer gets fried or you get a virus you'll be able to setup your email account on a seperate computer and retrieve all of your emails.**

Once you have the Account added, your emails with download and you will be back up and running better than before.

I hope this help the Netscape users out there, or anyone else looking for a good browser and Email alternative.

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