Sunday, December 02, 2007

gOS is awesome!

I had the chance to download the gOS live cd image over the weekend to check it out and man was I impressed. It is a slick operating system which piggy backs off of Ubuntu. It is the operating system that runs on the super cheap but everything you need PC for $200 at Walmart. News has it that next year there will be a gOS laptop.

I am an avid linux enthusiast and believe that Ubuntu is on the right path to being a great operating system. The one fatal flaw that I see for Ubuntu is lack of compatibility for wireless cards. This isn't a flaw on Ubuntu's end, more so on the end of the manufacturers of the wireless cards that don't take the time to come out with compatible drivers. I'm spent many a weary nights working on making the wireless work on a newly formatted and installed ubuntu laptop to find myself going back to XP out of shear lack of time.

I know there are programs that work with certain wireless cards, I guess my hardware is just old and I'm trying to hard to not have to upgrade.

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