Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wikis - The New and Improved CMS

Working for MindTouch keeps wikis on the brain a majority of my waking hours and some of my non waking. One thing that becomes more apparent to me everyday and will continue to be more apparent to others as time and development progresses is that Wikis are the new and improved CMS. Here is a comparison of Wikis and CMS using Deki Wiki as the wiki to compare:

What Wikis do better than CMS:

  1. Easier to edit and collaborate on Content
  2. Easier to set roles for users
  3. Allows for easy integration/mashups of web services
  4. Easily build hierarchies and communities that allow the site to grow faster and have more relevant content

What CMS do better than Wikis:
  1. More development of plugins/extensions
  2. Been around longer, more well known(this is becoming more level everyday)
  3. Workflow

Where they are Equal:
  1. Deployment - both can be installed with a little bit of effort
  2. Skinning - CMS have some more themes but both are leveling off in regards to narrowing down to CSS/HTML editing of the look and feel
  3. Good to use for setting up a website

Wikis aren't at the full development point that CMS are at because of how long CMS have been around...but they are getting there and offer a better way to have dynamic websites that can easily aggregate content and mashup web services.

In many cases a Blog is a better CMS than typical CMS solutions. Hats off to WordPress for that.

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