Thursday, November 15, 2007

Idea Management for Companies

Capturing information from customers and users is very critical and beneficial to a company. It lets them know if they should spend time on a certain feature or drop it and move to something that has more interest within their community of users.

Recently SalesForce came out with an idea management interface that will allow you to customize and link to your site so that businesses can capture this info. Salesforce has been using this product with their own development. It has a nice interface but is an additional $50-$100/month for subscribers of their salesforce service.

Another company does the same thing with also an intuitive interface and management, FeVote
On top of it being easy to use, they have integration with multiple authentication providers including: Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and OpenID...allow a user to not have to worry about signing up for another account. It is free to use and has a widget that can be placed on your site for people to submit ideas and vote from.

I've heard that they are working on this and will be coming out with more customization a SalesForce user, I'm glad I have another option as $600-$1,200 tacked on to an already inflated price is crazy.

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Pat - FeVote said...


Thanks for the post! The feedback you've given us has been invaluable, and I thank you for that as well.

We're doing our best to perfect idea management, and other elements of CRM, while keeping things very user-friendly. This is our own suggestion board, and absolutely everyone is welcome to join in the process:

As a nimble company, contacting us direct is almost just as effective as posting on our suggestion board (I think Corey can vouch for our decent email response time, as I can for his!):

Thanks again, Corey! And I'll have some great news for you soon regarding some of your feature requests. :)