Monday, October 22, 2007

What should one use for an advertising engine?

Many people have a blog or a website that they throw ads up on. I use Google Adwords on my Blog. I've also dealt with other advertising campaigns like Yahoo and Industry Brains. The one thing that Google always does more successful than any other advertising company is that they don't put restrictions on things. They opened their gates for anyone to advertise and anyone to post. This is beneficial, because then you get more of a grassroots marketing on a large scale that can't be accomplished with other ad engines.

The downside is that you can't even come close to the revenue that you receive when you sell ads yourself. There are a lot of blogging based ad engines that increase earning potential. I will be investigating some when I go to Blog World in Las Vegas on November 8th-9th. MindTouch will be there too releasing a new hosted Deki Wiki. I will definitely be blogging about it so stay tuned.

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