Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thin Client Laptops

I was at a conference recently and was checking out a booth for Wyse Thin Computing
and was really interested in the benefits of thin computing as a majority of the resources for the computer, i.e. software and storage are managed at a centralized location. Benefits for business means that when an employee leaves it is easier to access their data for the next person to take over, downside is there may be some privacy infringement from the business to the employee. The Thin clients are beneficial to the environment though because they don't need as much power and do not produce as much heat because there aren't as many components to keep cool. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy it takes to power a laptop but it increases the longevity of its components. Keep an eye on this space over the next couple of years especially with the movement of the ASP model for software.

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