Friday, July 20, 2007

Someday I'll have a Wii of my own

So I've been trying to get a Wii for the past month now. My issue isn't the lack of Wii's out there, it is my ultimate desire to get a good deal. I received some gift cards for Best Buy recently and am determined to use them for the Wii. The one thing that I found out is that even with all of the new technology that is available to retailers, trying to get information like which stores have a Wii, is impossible. Now I can understand issues with people buying one while I'm on my way to the store. But I was in one store and they said that 10 miles down the road they had 19 Wii's. When I got there, there were none. Now I can even forgive bad inventory management, but when I ask when one is coming in then I am told a generic possibly Wednesday or possibly Sunday. Whatever happened presales. I don't mind paying in advance, even paying a little extra, as long as I am guaranteed a Wii and don't have to waste my time calling and visiting the stores. Sorry, didn't mean to vent, but sometimes I get frustrated. I will get my Wii, oh yes, I will get my Wii.

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