Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wikis, Blogs, CMS, and other technologies I learned after college

I know...I are shocked that I haven't always been the ridiculously resourceful and intelligent person that I am today. I wasn't into technology as much as I am now. It isn't because I liked it less then, it was because I really didn't know where to start. I was really busy working a bunch of jobs, going to school, and starting businesses that I didn't take time to explore other avenues. I'm glad I did though. I've found that fun technologies like blogs, wikis, and CMS are just a few of a vast sea of technologies out there. But my understanding of these three have helped me peek into other technologies and be able to absorb their potential or lack their of. This is probably a boring post for most of my readers as usually I have something fun or kooky to say...I won't let you down. I will no enlighten you as to one of my first experiences with computers.
We had an IBM PC when I was about 6. I enjoyed playing DOS games that were loaded off of my floppies. One of my favorite games was Commander Keen. It was a cool game where you were a guy that wore jeans and a green bay packers helmet(not a packers fan but funny to see a character wearing one). The goal was to collect things like pizza, soda, and candy while you navigated through the levels and zapped aliens. Pretty cool game. game stopped working one day and I tried to recover it. I was deleting different files off of the system to do a fresh reload and accidently deleted the config.sys file. It messed up our computer a bit. The downside is that my parents were skeptical for a month about me around computers. The good thing is that we got a better one with a 20 gig harddrive(it was a lot) and a CD burner...right when they came out. I gained my parents trust back about computers and continued to foster my interest in them. So as you can see it was my parents that helped me get into computers. For that I thank them. Well this has turned into quite the lengthy post. I will stop for the night. But I will continue to post so keep checking. I'll keep living, you keep reading.

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