Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wiki, Web 2.0, Living through me, what more could you want?

I know I gave my title a very wierd name but I am trying to draw some more people to my blog and have more people be touched by the amazing life of Corey. For those of you who are new to my blog, I post up various aspects of my life that should be intersting to the avergae person. What is the difference between my blog and everyother blog that does the same thing...You get to live vicariously through me. That's right. In most countries living vicariously through me can cost upwards of $5. But I am giving you free access. Why you ask? Because I am nice. Anyhoo...enough of my rambling. I will be out in Boston the week after Thanksgiving at a conference that I will tell you more about as it approaches. Also I have decided to extend my offering of free coffee. If someone reads my blog and finds me at my various conferences I will take them out for their coffee of choice at the nearest coffee shop. To rule out any irish coffee that may use expensive liquor the coffee cap will be at $10. The first person that does this will get it. Well I am off to lead my exciting and fascinating life now. Just remeber: Your life is only as intersting as mine.

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