Sunday, September 24, 2006

Under the Weather

I have a great story to tell you. Friday night I am feeling sick and decide that I am going to go to the snyders 3 blocks away and grab some nyquil. Now it was 10pm and I really didn't feel like walking so I was really lazy and took my car. I get to snyders, buy my cold stuff, and leave. I get into my car and it won't start. I couldn't believe it. There is a short somewhere in my electrical system that made it impossible to start even with jumping (tried to jump it for a half an hour). SO I talked with the people at snyders and they said it would be ok if I left it ther overnight. Maybe my luck would change the next day...Day two: Try to jump start it again and it still will not start. So I paid $70 to have it towed 3 blocks!!!! To top it off I amm leaving today for San Diego. As you can imagine I was a little angry. Anyhoo...I will be out in SD, CA for the next week and will be posting cool stuff on my blog including pictures. Check it out. Catch ya on the flipside.

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