Friday, July 28, 2006

OSCON was crazy awesome!!!

Sorry I haven't had a chance to blog the past couple of days as we have been so busy and getting a lot of awesome press and blog postings. I do have some good pics of the booth. We made it into a lot of awesome articles like New York Times blog and Slashdot. People should go online to and get more info about our press and ways to substantiate a wiki. Now on to the pics.

Our booth activity was aweosme. WE blew through all of our t-shirts and slap bracelets in the first day. We had a great booth girl that was getting all of the attendees to notice our booth along with handing out fruit and slap bracelets.

The pic to the right is a picture of Mark at the Intel booth. Aparently he has a side stock phot job that he hasn't told us about.

The pic on the left is of our party at the red lion in Portland. It was a blast and we had a good turn out. Check us out on the press releases and blogs that hit this week. Other than that I will try to update my blog more often with updates on my life and on MindTouch.

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